Extension & Skyline Roof Window
  • skylight roof window on flat roof
  • extension concrete floor skim
  • concrete floor insulation
  • extension wall brick laying damp proof
  • extension build floor base
  • extension skylight build
  • UPVC sliding door installation
  • UPVC window installation extension

Extension & Skyline Roof Window

Customer contact

The customer has a beautiful detached house near to the East Sussex and Brighton. They contacted us with the idea to extend their house with great natural light. ASL builders used a drone to inspect the current roof and take images.

Choosing a Skylight Window for the Extension

We helped choose the skylight roof window that was going to maximise light with the sun at different angles and have low cleaning & maintenance requirements. The sloped design allows for water run off and is very well sealed when used with a flat roof. The skylight frame and seals are highly UV resistant ensuring longevity. The glass sections can be replaced in case of damage.


Planning permission was granted.

Extension build

A 5 x 8m extension foundations were put in place.  Hi strength concrete mix. Damp proof course.

UPVC Sliding

Skylight roof window installation

Initially the roof membrane a single cover PVC and ceiling plasterboards were cut away carefully to exact specified dimensions. The inner frame was fixed around the roof gap with precision before the UPVC main framework and windows were lifted into place. The edges were professionally sealed. The interior ceiling surrounding the skylight was filled and plastered completing a nice project with a very happy customer.

  • Date 10 April 2021
  • Tags Design, Extension, Plastering, Skylight Roof Window, UPVC Door, UPVC Window

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